Trancern 2012.4: Official Compilation Best of 2012 (2012)
Trance / Dance, Club / Electro / Музыка

Trancern 2012.4: Official Compilation Best of 2012 (2012)

15 декабрь 2012
Trancern 2012.4: Official Compilation Best of 2012 (2012)

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Trancern 2012.4: Official Compilation Best of 2012
Год выхода: 2012
Жанр: Trance
Кол-во треков: 50
Формат|Качество: MP3 \ 320kbps
Время звучания: 06:05:48
Размер: 862 Mb

01. Nash and Pepper feat. Rogue Raven - Am I Wrong (Mike Foyle Remix)
02. E.P.I.C. feat. Julie Thompson - Breathe (K.Blank and Moelamonde Remix)
03. Paul Vinitsky and Lo-Fi Sugar - All I Know Now (Extended Mix)
04. Kenneth Thomas feat. Colleen Riley - The Heart Speaks (Swab and Joey Mova Remix)
05. Miikka Leinonen pres. Cinereal - Another Day (Original Mix)
06. John Askew - Bastard (Original Mix)
07. Ernesto vs. Bastian - Bonanza (Original Mix)
08. Moonbeam feat. Blackfeel Wite - In Your Eyes (Original Mix)
09. Fast Distance and Dimension feat. Cami - Promise You (Original Mix)
10. Maor Levi - Won't Say No
11. Roger Shah feat. Inger Hansen - Dance With Me (Pumpin Island Mix)
12. Lange and Audrey Gallagher - Our Way Home (Original Mix)
13. Solarstone feat. Bill Mcgrudy - Electric Love (Piotro Microprog Love Mix)
14. Richard Durand - Stand Again (Original Mix)
15. Dennis Sheperd and Cold Blue feat. Ana Criado - Fallen Angel (Dennis Sheperd Club Mix)
16. Masoud feat. Nicole McKenna - Fix The Broken (Original Mix)
17. Mark Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick feat. Melinda Gareh - Fallen Tides (Mat Zo Vocal remix)
18. Damn You Mongolians feat. Katie's Ambition - Footprints (DYM's Shadowfight Remix)
19. Tigran Oganezov - G.O.H. (Original Mix)
20. Hannah - Falling Away (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
21. Pedro Del Mar feat. Emma Lock - Guilty (Pedro Del Mar's ProgTrance Mix)
22. Filo and Peri feat. Sara Crockett and Goodbye Pluto - The Hardest Thing (Norin and Rad Remix)
23. Ilya Bezlepkin feat. Monique - Hold On (Original Mix)
24. Super8 and Tab feat. Jan Burton - Black Is Back (Classic Vocal Mix)
25. D-Mad feat. Emma Lock - Counting On Love (Wellenrausch Remix)
26. Fred Numf - Directions (Johnny Yono Remix)
27. Orjan Nilsen - Legions (Original Mix)
28. Dash Berlin feat. Kate Walsh - When You Were Around (Club Mix)
29. Rank 1 and Jochen Miller feat. Sarah Bettens - Wild And Perfect Day (Michael Jay Parker Peaktime Remix)
30. Jan Johnston - Obsession (Robert Vadney Remix)
31. Elsa Hill - Lost (Stonevalley Remix)
32. Wiegel Meirmans Snitker - Nova Zembla (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
33. Danyella and Tiff Lacey - Memories (Dj Darq Remix)
34. Matt Lange, Kerry Leva and Andrew Bayer - In And Out Of Phase (Club Edit)
35. Neev Kennedy - The Unknown (DNS Project Original Mix)
36. Julian Vincent and Shannon Hurley - Lost In Space (DoubleV Remix)
37. Simone Anйs feat. Abigail Bailey - Love Is A Battlefield (Falko Niestolik Mix)
38. Shane Halcon feat. Tiff Lacey - Must Have Fallen (Original Mix)
39. The Blizzard and Omnia - My Inner Island (Yuri Kane Remix)
40. Goldenscan - Of Our Times (Original Mix)
41. Dark Matters feat. Jess Morgan - The Real You (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix)
42. LTN - Ordinary People (Original Mix)
43. Rory Gallagher feat. Sean Ryan - Remember Me (Original Mix)
44. The Waves - Sakura (Luigi Lusini and Thomas Schwartz Mix)
45. Nuera - Magnolia (Original Mix)
46. Spark7 - Sound Of Tommorow (Solid Stone Remix)
47. Garrido and Skehan - Sun Goes Down (Original Mix)
48. Schiller feat. Nadia Ali - Try (Thomas Gold Remix)
49. Matisse and Sadko feat. Ollie James - We're Not Alone (Hi Scandinavia!)
50. Exostate - Without Warning (Myon and Shane 54 Monster Mix)

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