Lil Wayne - The Color Of Money (2012)

Lil Wayne - The Color Of Money (2012)
Исполнитель: Lil Wayne
Название:The Color Of Money
Дата: 2012
Качество: 192 kbps
Кол-во треков : 25
Размер: 77 Mb

1.Intro (The Color Of Money)
2.Half On A Dank
3.Jim Jones – Weather Man
4.The Profit
5.Dope Game
6.Birdman – I’m Ridin’
7.Spittin’ (Interlude Pt. 1)
8.Dippin’ From The Cops
9.Where The Cash At (RMX)
10.Birdman – Brown Paper Bag
11.Run It
12.Ain’t Nobody
13.Dough Is What I Got
14.New Orleans Classic
15.Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
16.Me Too
17.Spittin’ (Interlude Pt. 2)
18.The Boss
19.N a Like Me
20.Ride With The Mack
21.Grew Up A Screw Up (RMX)
22.Birdman Lil Wayne – About All That
24.Birdman Lil Wayne – Know What I’m Doin’
25.Laced Up (Bouns Track)

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