DJ Gvozd – Пиратская Станция (22.10.2013)

DJ Gvozd – Пиратская Станция (22.10.2013)

24 октябрь 2013
DJ Gvozd – Пиратская Станция (22.10.2013)

Исполнитель: DJ Gvozd
Альбом: Пиратская Станция
Жанр: Drum & Bass
Год выпуска: 22.10.2013
Тип Рипа: Mixed
Формат: MP3
Битрейт: 320 кб/c
Размер ~ 270 mb

GVOZD autumn uplifting vibes:
1.Congo Natty ft. Nanci Correia- Get Ready VIP (Big Dada)
2.Lowriderz - Selecta (Digital Terror)
3.Dabs and MC Kwality - Skull + Bones (Sam Binga Remix) (Horizons)
4.Chopstick Dubplate Feat Mr Williamz - Wanted (Chopstick Dubplate)
5.SP Fusion - Jah Live (Dubwise Brilliants dub)
6.I See MONSTAS - Evolution (Polydor)
7.Prolix - Here We Go Again (Trendkill)
8.Mefjus - Leakproof (Critical)
9.Maztek - Dizzy Step (Program)
10.Dushi - Mirage (Formation dub)
11.Mindscape - Ultrasonik (Magical Gravity Remix) (Mainframe)
12.Klute - Sick Drive (Commercial Suicide)
13.Maject & SUBABLOCK - Run (Disturbed)
14.Annix - Snapstop (Playaz)
15.The Passive Resistance -Stuck (Uman remix)(Cymbalism)
16.Dub Tesla - Friday (Audio Boutique dub)
17.Enigmatic Desire - Sixth Sence Dub (SLK)
18.Blackman feat. Doosmurano & Ewan - Burning Lives (dub)
19.Mediks - Come Back Down (Audioporn)
20. Rogue feat. Laura Brehm - Dreams (Monstercat)
21. Sniper FX - Evil Elf - (Black System dub)
22. Neocube - Ridden (dub)
23. Mechanical Pressure - Sacramental (dub)
24. Jubei Feat. Flowdan -The Moment (intro) (Metalheadz)
25. Fade - Extreme Engineering (Faded Music)
26. Braken - To the Stars (Monstercat)
27. Tha New Team - One Fifty One (Play Me)
28.Mefjus and Icicle - Contemporary (Critical)
29.The Sect - Inside Your Mind (Perkussiv )
30.Current Value - the Patcher_tease (Subsistenz)
30a.Counterstrike - Polarize (Algorythm)
31.Epok - Obstacles (Syndrome Audio)
32.Noxiv - Broken Techno Musik (Fractal)
33.Nickbee - Apollo 18 (Eatbrain)
34.Modified Motion & Faction - Charges (Supreme Being Remix Two) (Dynamic Audio)
35.Figure and Dirty Deeds - The Blob (DOOM)
36.Callide - Back Street Revolution (free)
37.Chris.SU Ft. Mira - Together In The Night (Fate)
38.Sudden Def Fire Syne and Nitri feat Brooke Bailey and Jack Pott - Falling (Liquid V dub)
39.Etherwood - Unfolding (feat Laurelle Robichaud) (Med School dub)
40.Spectrasoul - Bugsy (Shogun Audio)
41.Peshay - Bugsy (Liquid V dub)
42.Light Of_Night_feat_Janis - Turn Off Your Contrabass(Liquid Brilliants)
43.Paul SG feat TRAC and LaMeduza - Let Me Show You (Liquid V dub)
44.Dj 007 - Never Go Back (All Street dub )
45.Paul SG and Carter - Jazz Cigarette (Liquid V dub)
46.Brother - Distance Between (Fokuz)
47.Klute - Last Words (Commercial Suicide)

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