Gvozd - Record Club (24.03.2015)

Gvozd - Record Club (24.03.2015)

Исполнитель: Gvozd
Альбом: Record Club
Жанр: Neurofunk, Liquid funk
Год выпуска: 24.03.2015
Тип Рипа: mixed
Формат: MP3
Битрейт: 320 кб/c
Размер ~ 255 MB


GVOZD vibez:
1.Culture Shock Feat. Bryn Christopher - City Lights (Ram)
2.Oliver Heldens - Melody (Ozma bootleg)
3.Save The Rave feat Burian Fyah - Water and Life(The Pooty Club)
4.T Phonic - Headvice (Titan)
5.Davip & Imetic - Puncture Wound (Place 2b & Paimon remix)(Ayra)
6.Teddy Killerz - Higher Ground (Ram)
7.Mind Vortex - Megabyte (Ram)
8.Receptor - Parkour (free)
9.Reso - Move It (Hospital dub)
10.Excision & Pegboard Nerds feat. Mayor Apeshit - Bring The Madness (Monstercat)
11.Safire and Amoss - 4th State (Icicle remix) (Elevated Spirits)
12.Voltage Voodoo - Suicide Club (Melting Pot)
13.Dabs vs Lowqui vs Safire - Hideout (June Miller remix)(Elevated Spirits)
14.X Tortion - Computer Music (Serotone)
15.Fascad - Xenobiotic(dub)
16.1000Dayswasted - Planet Smasher (Playing With Monsters)
17.Friction Icicle - Crucifix (Shogun Audio)
18.L 33 - Digital Sound (EatBrain)
19.Mindscape & Jade ft. Coppa - Friday The 13th VIP(Eatbrain free)
20.Calyx and Teebee - Wipeout (Ram)
21.Acetech - Elemental (Snatch & Run Audio)
22.Trowa feat Katherine Ramirez - All I Know (Play Me Too)
23.Logam and Mayhem - We Will(Ram)
24.Freek - Cobalt 60 (Ram)
25.DRS ft Dub Phizix - Diablo (Soul:R)

GVOZD vibez2:
1.James Marvel and mc Mota - Face Of The Earth (Radar)
2.DJ Ransome - People On Other Planets (Rush)
3.DJ Chap and Andrezz - Roll Around (Liquid V dub)
4.Mystific - Sunny Day (DNBB)
5.Phase 2 - Lemon Haze (Influenza Media)
6.Qumulus - Still Searchin (Luvdisaster)
7.Nelver & Krot - Greenland (Lush Stuff)
8.Skuff - Outside The Box (Ten Tons Deeper)
9.Need For Mirrors and HLZ - Opium Dream (Fokuz)
10.Raw Q - NY State Of Mine (vip)(Intrigue)
11.Random Movement - Scotch Bonnet (Raw Q remix)(Intrigue)
12.Will Miles - Cherry Love (Miles A Head)
13.Knarsetand - Fantasy (radio edit)(Onusual)
14.Tough Love So Freakin' Tight (S.P.Y. Remix)(Get Twisted)
15.Serum - Here Today Gone Tomorrow (Low Down Deep)
16.Murdockn & Doctrine - Burning Up (Rampage Anthem 2015)(Radar)
17.Modified Motion & Faction - Its Spelled PIMP(Dynamic Audio)
18.Hi Society - Let It Roll (Noisydrums)
19.Dj Rap - Search Your Soul (Laowai & Gweilo remix)(Propa Talent)
20.Moa - Wonderland (Anticlockwise Music)
21.Dexta - Boxgroove (Diffrent)
22.Fracture and Chimpo - From Early (Metalheadz)
23.Offbeats - Missing Drop (BNC Express)
24.Synapse - Organism (Inna Rhythm)
25.Phatoad - Read This (dub)

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