Gvozd - Record Club (03.03.2015)

Gvozd - Record Club (03.03.2015)

Исполнитель: Gvozd
Альбом: Record Club
Жанр: Drum & Bass
Год выпуска: 03.03.2015
Тип Рипа: mixed
Формат: MP3
Битрейт: 320 кб/c
Размер ~ 250 MB


GVOZD spring vibes:
1.Loz Contreras - Baby It's You (Liquicity)
2.T Phonic - Positive (Titan)
3.Packer and Rhodes - Knucklehead (Interphase Digital)
4.Dj Ransome - Love In The Sun (Rush)
5.Decon - Rareties (Flowrian remix) (Jazzsticks)
6.Furney - Spaghetti Western (LD Music)
7.MJR - Fuego (Sheer Velocity)
8.mSdoS - Streets of Harlem (Liquid Drops)
9.Jagged Edge - Rock Baby (Stress Level & TC1 remix) (Liquid V dub)
10.Marvel Cinema - Winter Wars (Soul Flex)
11.Sandy Rivera & April - Bang(Nu:Tone remix)(Ultra)
12.Simplification & Translate - Swing Love (All Street)
13.Underdog - Antilove (Digital Blus)
14.Phase 2 - Education (Liquid Flavours)
15.Atlantic Connection feat Rose Hart -Without You (Atlantic Connection Music)
16.DRS ft LSB & Tyler Daley - The View (Soul:R)
17.SpectraSoul - I Don't Mind (Shogun Audio)
18.T:Base - Do You Hear Me (C)
19.Bert H & All Mode - To The Show (Celsius)
20.Cycle Player - Touch Me (Metta)
21.Etherwood - You'll Always Be A Part Of Me(Med School dub)
22.M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S ft. Perfect Brothers - Cause Me Much Pain (Liquid Brilliants)

GVOZD fresh vibez:
1.Glaive feat Kate Mcquaide - All Is Not Lost (Soulvent)
2.Kumarachi feat Kay Lee - Atoms (Audio Addict)
3.Tantrum Desire - Human Mind (Technique)
4.Fretman - Bowman (dub)
5.Paranoiac Del - Metallic Fly (dub)
6.oneBYone - Just You And Me (Greypost dub)
7.Cloud 9 + - Dirty Century (Magneoton)
8.Cloud 9+ - Supernova (Magneoton)
9.The Prodigy - Wild Frontier (Wilkinson Remix)(Take Me To The Hospital)
10.Amit - The Hunted (Amar)
11.Infuze feat Elan - Champion Sound (Firepower)
12.Dark Angel & Max Rubadub - Rub a Dub a Rule (Turntable Dubbers remix) (Totally Dubwise)
13.Steampunk feat Jasmine Knight- Big Phat Bass (Ten Ton Beats)
14.T & Sugah - Get Mad (Radar)
15.Effectual Prowess - Black Manta (Feral Inc Audio)
16.Samy Nicks & Rekwest - Static Hazards (Phantom Dub Digital)
17.Rene Lavice - Freudian (Ram)
18.Phace - My Mind Is Modular (Neosignal)
19.Noisia & Phace - Cannonball (Vision)
20.Holohedron - The Opener (Schedule One)
21.Spor - Strange Heart (Sotto Voce)
22.Hot Pursuit - Endorphin (Bassfunk)
23.Mistabishi- Trip (Noh)
24.L-Side - Dreadlocks (Chronic dub)
25.Rameses B - With You (Monstercat)

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