Deadmau5 - The Man The DJ The Music (2013)

Deadmau5 - The Man The DJ The Music (2013)

Artist: Deadmau5
Title:The Man The DJ The Music
Label: Virgin Records
Style: Electronic, Documentary
Video: XviD, 1538 KB/s
Audio: AC3, 256 KB/s, 2 Channels
Resolution: 720x432
Release Date: 04.08.2013•
Tracks: 01 Tracks
Size: 700 Mb / 00:54:19 Min


Deadmau5 - The Man The DJ The Music - 00:54:19

Two days ago the "deadmau5: The Man. The DJ, The Music" DVD arrived and I watched it twice before going to bed. The next day I watched it again. Then again a day later. It was an interesting and enjoyable DVD. Okay, I'm a deadmau5 fan (pronounced "dead mouse" and using lower case lettering for both of you that don't already know). Joel Zimmerman (aka., deadmau5) is basically a one-man musical organization in the area of electronic dance music and is commonly referred to as a D J (disc jockey). He doesn't like the designation, and I fully agree with him on the matter. He's nowhere even close to any kind of a conventional disc jockey. I'd say he's much more of a composer-arranger-recorder and he even has his own recording studio and record company. His musical instrument of choice is the computer and his musical genre is is loosely defined as Electronic Dance Music, but I'd say he's much closer to classical music than to a typical dance band. Again, everything he does involves the computer and he says his main interest is the computer, not the music. That's okay. It's rather amazing, because the music he produces is simply outstanding. I understand the only musical training he's had was some piano lessons when he was a kid. That's really remarkable. Keep that in mind when you listen to some of his compositions (unfortunately, not on this disc) and you may understand why some people, including me, regard him as a genius.

Deadmau5 - The Man The DJ The Music (2013)
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